How Smoking Saved Me £24

I never imagined smoking would save me £24

I went to Wales for my niece’s Barbie-themed 4th birthday party. A really swell time.

The morning after, all packed up, planning to leave the house for the National Express scheduled for 12:15. I planned to leave by 11:30.

Felt a bit hungry and decided to walk to the Co-op nearby. 

For 30 minutes, I tried to book a bolt, but all were rejecting it.

  • Being late for my bus and paying an extra ticket was slowly becoming a reality with more rejections.

In the softest tone I could bring my voice to, I called my aunt to help save me.

We set off.

Road construction and a 3-second traffic light made each second more painful.

Finally, arrived by 12:15 and turned on the 100m sprinter in me that had been sleeping since 2018.

An attendant asked, Where are you headed? I said London, hoping I could still make the trip

It was now 12:17.

He pointed to the bus, and a sigh of relief came to my heart. As I walked to claim a seat on the bus, I discovered why I still made the trip.

The driver caught 3 boys smoking weed on the bus and asked to step outside for a chat.

These boys will never know that they saved me paying an extra £24 with lots of explaining to do.


  • Being organised, attention to detail is good.
  • Conducting mountains of research even better,
  • Crafting the right words that are bulletproof to make a person beg you to take their money is even greater……, but


I never planned for smokers to save me from being late despite preparations. 

Developing a growth mindset is the best skill you can give yourself in any situation.

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